R. David Guidry

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R. David Guidry, Sr. (b: 1968-12-01)

Rod David Guidry was born, raised and lives in River Ridge, Louisiana. River Ridge is a suburb of New Orleans. Graduated from Jesuit High School in New Orleans in 1987. Graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in History. College career included a stint at Southern Oregon State.

David has three children, Stella and twins Rod and Simone. David is an athlete, rides bicycles, reads, travels, follows LSU football, is an audiophile, jazz aficionado, a collector of Grateful Dead concerts, and a patron of the arts. He is President of Lakeside Camera Photoworks. Lakeside Camera Photoworks is a photo/image, specialty retail/manufacturing facility located in Metairie, Louisiana.

Accordion Player
All Saint's Day LaCombe
Amsterdam Couple
Atomic Beach
Bucktown At Dusk
Buds Broiler
Cafe Du Monde
Cafe Francais
Cafe Window Paris
Carnival Siena Italy
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Eiffle Block Final
Gargoyle Paris
God Is Myn Burg
Lance Armstrong
LSU at Night
Luxembourg Paris
Man on Metro
Napoleon House
NYC Public Library
Outside Jazz Fest
Paris Apartments
Phish Tipitina's 1993
Puerto Rico
Roman Girls
San Marco Venice
South Louisiana Marsh
St Louis Cathedral
St Louis Cemetary
St. Peter's Bacilica
Sugar Bowl Courts
Tipitina's at Night
To Happiness NYC
Tower Peddler
Town of Grand Isle
Trevi Fountain Rome
Tuilier Tree
Venice Beach Hoops
Venice Church Italy
View Sacre Cour



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