Canvas Prints

Just because Walmart can make canvas prints doesn’t mean they should. Oh my! We have seen the worst reproductions made in the name of cheapness. We use top shelf canvas material, high resolution printers, a completely archival process and good ole human optimization. When we make a canvas, you can bet we’ve optimized your image for the best possible reproduction. In fact, we treat our canvas images the way we treat our fine art and metal offerings. We strive to get the most out of the images we work on and the results speak for themselves.

Each canvas is hand stretched on substantial wooden stretcher bars. Our canvases do not sag. About as good as they can be made quite frankly.

Reproductions on canvas are favored by home decorators for the high image fidelity and modern look they give. Artists use this medium as a way to reproduce original works of art. No matter the end use, you won’t find a service provider that cares more about their output than Lakeside Camera Photoworks.

Investing in a canvas picture that leaves everyone too dark and is wrapped on inferior stretchers is false economy.

Canvas are available in sizes 5"x7" to 40"x60". If you're interested in a custom size just give us a call at 504-885-8660. Prices for our canvas offerings include all image management. We have only one level of service and that is the best!


(504) 885-8660