This is the place to find out about the classes we have currently scheduled. Our aim is to help you become a better photographer without committing to a semester of classes. Our classes are usually single session and we try to give you as much practical knowledge as we can. Some classes are as short as 3 hours. No big commitment, low impact schedule, Please sign up today.

Phone photography - Take Better Pictures

Class Dates:
(5/24 from 6-8pm)
(6/17 from 10am-12pm)

Meet in our classroom at 3009 North Arnoult
(around the corner)

The camera you have with you is always the best camera. Learn To make better, sharp, eye catching images with you cell phone camera under a variety of conditions.
Tips for better composing and using the available light to your advantage.
Take your cell phone images to art with a demonstration of the Snapseed App.- a quick image editor that turns ordinary cell phone images into extraordinary images.
Phone photography - The Next Level

Class Dates:
(6/17 from 1-3pm)

Meet in our classroom at 3009 North Arnoult
(around the corner)

Take your iPhone photography to the next level. Discover some of iPhone's coolest features. Go beyond snapping photos and start creating stunning and artistic images. This fun and informative class will introduce you to some advanced features and techniques: Photo editing apps - Snapseed, iPhoto Panoramas - not just for landscapes Secrets, tips and tricks Required: iPhone 5 or newer. Other phone brands welcome, but your phone many have different features/techniques, however, much of what we will cover should apply. Recommended/Suggested: iPhone 101 class Before you come: Please fully charge your phone and be sure you have enough storage space.
Lightroom Part 1 (Quick develop & Library Module)

Class Dates:
(5/17 from 6-9pm)
(7/1 from 9-1pm)

Meet in our classroom at 3009 North Arnoult
(around the corner)

Bring a laptop (preferably with a mouse) with Adobe Lightroom 4 or later installed

Adobe's premiere organizing and image editing software is the application of choice for enthusiasts and pros alike.

Do you shoot in Jpeg or RAW?- Lightroom handles all files and allows MUCH better improvements to poorly exposed ( too bright and too dark) images than just about any other program. Lightroom provides a speedy way to organize and quickly edit all of your images using non-destructive editing- meaning your original image is never touched.

We will cover
*bringing your images into the Lightroom program
*making quick edits to establish proper color and brightness
Intro to
SLR & Mirrorless

Class Dates:
(5/6 from 9-1pm)
(6/1 from 6-9pm)
(6/3 from 9-1pm)
(6/24 from 9-1pm)

Meet in our classroom at 3009 North Arnoult
(around the corner)

Topics covered
*The JPG
*Camera file type settings for size and quality (JPG full size - fine quality)
*Setting correct date and time
*Continuous file numbering and why you want this
*Camera care, lens cleaning and battery mainenance.
*Memory cards - choosing a proper speed and size for your needs.
*Reformatting memory cards in camera
*The differences between Automatic and Program
*Setting exposure compensation in Program to get brighter or darker images
*Basic Autofocus techniques *Using your standard, wide angle and zoom lenses
*Composing for an 8x10 and other sized prints
*Using built in flash in your camera


Class Dates:
(5/10 from 6-9pm)
(6/10 from 9-1pm)

Meet in our classroom at 3009 North Arnoult
(around the corner)

Topics covered
*Advanced Camera Settings
*Secrets of FOCUS
*Ascertaining proper exposure using the in-camera HISTOGRAM.
*Getting proper focus- using the focus modes of Single, Auto Intelligent and Continuous.
*Setting the proper focus AREA points based on the subject/ subject matter.
*Focusing in poor light using a dedicated flash
*Lenses- Using Extreme Wide and Angle for landscapes and interiors and Telephoto lenses for sports and Portraits.
*Learn how to produce nearly unlimited focus images with Hyperfocal Focusing to create great depth of field.
*Create shallow focus images based on subject matter such as facial portraits using Aperture Priority mode.
*Tips on for better composition and lighting illustrated along the way
Manual Exposure

Class Dates:
(5/13 from 9-1pm)
(6/21 from 6-9pm)

Meet in our classroom at 3009 North Arnoult
(around the corner)

Manual Mode is the choice of working professionals. This mode is especially useful when photos of still subjects, art images and in preparation for making HDR- high dynamic range images of subject with lots of contrast

Topics covered
*Leveraging the power of shooting in RAW image format mode
*Reading the cameras internal light meter to get good exposures
*How to choose ISO ( sensor chip sensitivity ) for various subjects and lighting conditions
*Choosing the appropriate shutter speed and aperture- ƒ-stop to arrive at a variety of effects- from deep focus landscapes to stop action images
*Understanding using your camera in manual allows complete control and a better understanding of the semi automated modes
Night Photography
Painting with light

Class Dates:
(4/26 from 6-9pm)
(6/28 from 6-9pm)

Paint with Light-in City park
Meet at the Morning Call in City Park on Dreyfus Ave. at 6PM.
Class will begin with instructions on the settings suitable for night time shooting.
We will take pictures until 9pm.

*Learn how to paint with light at night using inexpensive flashlights and led Christmas lights.
*We will photograph three locations near the Morning Call.
*Learn how light “spheres" are made and also light paint a night landscape.
*Please bring comfortable tennis shoes, a tripod and a camera with normal zoom lens.
*A few tripods will be available to loan.
Note - we will walk about 500 yards total during the class
Cemetery Tour

Class Dates:
(5/20 from 8-1pm)

A guided photographic walking tour of one of the most beautiful and historical cemeteries in the country.

We will meet in the parking lot of LAKE LAWN cemetery at 8AM and then proceed to photograph as we advance to the most beautiful and photogenic sculptures and tombs.

Personal guidance and instruction will be given regarding composition, exposure, finding the best light and the use of the reflector.

See and image mourning angels, colorful stained glass and tombs with Egyptian and Arabesque Themes.
What to bring:
SLR camera with normal zoom lens, telephoto and wide angle lenses if you have them. Comfortable walking shoes or flat sandals. Flip flops and high wedge sandals are not recommended. Tripod or monopod may also be helpful- we have a limited number of these for loaning.

Prerequisites- a basic working knowledge of the SLR camera. SLR 1class highly recommended.

Image provided by Brian Hartman 2013


Class Dates:
(6/7 from 6-9pm)

Meet in our classroom at 3009 North Arnoult
(around the corner)

Improve your portraits by practicing the techniques as we learn in class using our new lifelike 10 year old child mannequin model Aimee.

Learn the proper lenses, lighting accessories and how to use them to create natural and fashion portraits.

Composition and posing of your subjects / model is also stressed. PowerPoint presentation and actual camera practice Lessons in naturalistic Portraiture with natural light and reflector, electronic flash fill and by window light.

Pre-Requisite - SLR1 recommended Please bring your SLR camera and all lenses
Longue Vue Gardens
Photo Tour

Class Dates:

Enjoy a beautiful walk while getting professional instruction in beautiful LongVue Gardens

We wil be photographing architectural garden landscapes and flower close ups throughout the garden

Topics will include- extended depth of field, closeup photography, using the reflector to create good lighting

Please bring SLR or mirrorless camera, any lenses you own and a tripod/monopod if you have one.
Please wear comfortable walking shoes - flats or tennis shoes preferred

Class price includes entrance fee to the gardens and home

Meet at 9:30 at the garden parking lot at #7 Bamboo Road New Orleans

**we will not photograph inside the home - but students are free to tour it after class**
Studio Lighting & Flash

Class Dates:
(4/29 from 9-1pm)
(6/14 from 6-9pm)

Meet in our classroom at 3009 North Arnoult
(around the corner)

Topics covered

*Learn to use studio flash monolights to produce brilliant portraits indoors
*Learn the basics of studio lighting and when to use
*Appropriate ISO and ƒ-stop settings
*A slide show demonstrating lighting diagrams
*Students should bring their camera and lens with a focal length of over 80mm. (Ideal lenses: 18-135 zoom or 70-200/300 zoom)
*A mannequin model will be provided for the students to participate in making portraits under a variety of lighting setups with a background

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Phone Number


(504) 885-8660