Mirrored Image Wrap
6x6 Full Image Wrap
6x6 Full Image Wrap
6x6 Mirrored Image Wrap
Mirrored Image Wraps are prepared so that your entire image displays on the front of the canvas. Our artists will copy the outer edges of your image and then "flip" your image to produce a mirrored effect around the sides of the canvas. The end result keeps your original image in full view.

Product Details: • Size: 6x6" • Mirrored Image Wrap • Stretcher bar depth: 1½" • Printed directly onto Premium Canvas • Display-Ready: sawtooth hanger with bumpers
Our Full Image Wrap extends your image around the sides of the canvas using stretcher bars. Your image should allow for cropping on all four sides. If you have details along the edge of your image you don't want to lose, we recommend choosing our Standard or Creative Border Wraps.


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