Scanning and Archiving

We are experts in the conversion of analog originals into digital files. We’ve been scanning film, slides, prints and other photographic materials for as long as we care to remember. If you have originals, no matter what kind or what condition, we’ve got a solution. Listed here are some of our most common archiving and scanning services. Since everyone’s photographic collection is different, we offer custom quotes on jobs that just don’t fit a service below. This is true when we have dealt with photographs from an estate. We’ll give advice on how to best proceed with your projects as well as a quote before we begin any work. From single pieces of aged film to large collections, we’ve got the know how to do things the exact right way.

Not sure what to do with your scanned photos? Check out our Design Services for some great ideas!

Print Scans:

We produce all photo scans on a high end graphic art's scanner. You can count on great files from from your originals. In the case of bulk scan or Memory Box orders, we offer quantity discounts based on the number of originals you have. A single scan from a single print is $5 and the quantity break begins at just 6 scans. Our Memory Box holds up to 1600 prints - Fill our box with photos, and we’ll scan them all for just $249.

Normally prints are scanned at the size of the intended output. If you have a need for a specific file size, just let us know.


Negatives come in all sizes and shapes with the most common types being 35mm or 120mm. No matter the original, black and white or color, we can scan it.

Scans from 35mm negative film are 75 cents each. Odd size negatives and 120mm size negatives will require special handling and cost $5 each with quantity breaks beginning after five originals.


Slides, like negatives come in many sizes. The overwhelming majority of slides are of the 35mm variety. If you are scanning singles, each slide scan is $1.50.

If you have lots of slides in lots of trays, we offer quantity breaks beginning with the 51st slide. The 51st slide and beyond will be charged at .75 each.

Let us share our expertise!

If you are like most people, you have a variety of original materials. Some slides, some prints and some negatives. In these cases, we’d like to be able to look at the job and help you decide the best way to proceed given your goals. This allows us to custom taylor a solution that works for you. If you need help in dealing with the photographs from an estate or institution, please give us a call. No one has more experience with these materials than we do.

So what if it's big?

We capture oversized originals as well as oversized original works of art. The price for oversize capture (larger than 11x14) will be charged $59 per original. The files we deliver to you are suitable reproducing your originals at the highest quality possible.

We deliver your files to you on a disc or the media of your choice. If you bring in a jump drive, we’ll use that. Your originals never leave our facility!


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