Sometimes the difference between a nice print and a work of art is putting that print in the right frame.

Did you know we have the best frame shop in town? If you have a vision for your work, we’ll be able to help you achieve the perfect look. Maybe you just need a matt cut for a project of your own? No problem, we’ll cut mats for you while you wait. We even give you choices on the glass type we use in your job.

The next time you need something framed, give Lakeside Photoworks a chance. We guarantee you’ll be happy you did.

Our First Consideration
Frames are meant to embellish and enhance photographs and works of art. That much is obvious. What isn’t always obvious is the materials used by framers. Our first concern when framing anything is the quality of the materials. Our “standard” offering is made with conservation glass and acid free materials. A framers first responsibility is the safe preservation of the original materials. We are very serious about this. Our baseline service is archival.

Selection and Price
We source moldings from several different vendors because we want to offer a great selection. By offering such a wide selection of frame moldings, we have options to meet any budget and style. Our best work is done helping someone get the look they love within their budget. Because we produce artwork here, we can take a project from just an idea and turn it into reality for people who don't already have a physical piece of art to frame.

The Complete Picture
Lakeside Camera Photoworks is not stand alone frame shop. We are a very modern photo imaging production facility. We have a deep understanding of art and what looks good with what mediums. While taste is subjective, we know when to use a colored mat and when not to. We know how to accent colors with frame and molding choice. Every framing project is a unique endeavor. The work we do will stand the test of time, both in construction and style.

We’re Fast!
Just because we don’t cut corners with our framing service doesn’t mean we don’t work fast. Most framing jobs are completed within seven days of the order being placed. No need to wait a month, we work on this every day. We offer express service with even shorter turnaround times then you really need it now. Some materials have to be ordered but we have options here that we can fulfill quickly. Last minute requests are welcomed.

We Frame Everything
At least we haven’t come across anything yet that we weren’t able to find an attractive solution. Some of the more unusual things we’ve framed include a coat, fishing lures, a hockey puck (several, actually), a horseshoe and a violin.

You Can Count on Us!
You can expect prompt personal service with a truly helpful associate. You can expect that we will treat your original items with care. You can expect to love what we do. We will make it so.


(504) 885-8660