Frank Naundorf

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This painter gets his inspirations from his global travels. Early on his grandmother introduced him to the work of Max Pechstein and other German artists. His aunt Kate Mentz-Stachiw, an artist for Opera and Theater Productions in Berlin during the late 1930s, instructed and encouraged him to draw and paint during his elementary school years. During the 1950s he attended the school for Painters, Decorators and Gilders in Berlin where he studied with Professor Rudolf Dietrich. He also served as apprentice and journeyman to master painter Paul Schoen working on historical buildings. His extended travels to Central America, Africa, and the Caribbean as well as Asia had a profound impact on him. It oppened vistas undreamed of. A visit to the Tapestry Studios in Thies, Senegal was most inspiring. Additionally visiting scores of museums in Europe and North America further developed his understanding of techniques and ideas to explore. It gave him a deeper insight into the world of visual arts. His interest are people, particularly people at work. Over the last three decades he immersed himself into painting, only to lose most of his works during the 2005 hurricande Katrina. He has since resumed his activities and is determined to create further relevant works in the times ahead. Several projects are currently in progress and he hopes to share his visions with a growing viewership. By participating in Lakeside Camera Photowork's website Artist Show and Sell he attempts to reach art lovers regionally and nationally alike.

George Lewis Band at the Perez Club, New Orleans 1952
Peasant in Field - Madagascar
Toil - Vietnam
Harriette Tubman - USA
Caribbean Waterlines
Market Women - Haiti
Danny Barker, Musician - USA
Frederick Keppard, Musician - USA
Sea Creatures
Confluence Watercolor
Abolitionist Sojourner Truth - USA
Sojourner Truth - USA
Louis Armstrong - USA
Conjour Lady - Nigeria
Frederick Douglas - USA
Gazing Woman - East Africa
Woman - Jamaica
Peasant - Guatemala
Woman - Martinique
Rastaman - Jamaica
Rastaman - Jamaica (2)
Woman - Honduras
Woman - Guadalupe
Woman- Tauzania
Woman - Jamaica (2)
Ms. Leehma
Young Girl from Alaska
Broken Strings
Unsung Hero
Elder Woman of the Carib Nation
George "Red" Despenza
Fruit Harvester
Sojourner Truth (3)
Sojourner Truth visits Abraham Lincoln in 1884
After The Storm
The Eagle Band of New Orleans 1916



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