Glenn Stokes

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Glenn Stokes has been an avid photographer and Nikon user since 1963. Glenn started with the Nikon F2 and now is up to the F800. He has gone from the Kodachrome slide to 36.3mp digital image. Glenn has always liked macro best; however he has had a storied career in photography-- mostly amateur. He was a backup sideline sports photographer for the Gainesville Sun newspaper in Gainesville, FL. when he was a graduate student at the University of Florida. Glenn has won many amateur photo contests in Florida and Louisiana. He has accumulated over 50,000 slides, all filed in Kodak carousel trays, from trips to all 7 continents. At first reluctant to adopt digital, is now, one of its biggest fans. Glenn presently has over 120,000 saved digital images—mostly macros of plants; he now averages 2,000 new “keeper” digital images per week. On rare occasions, he has taken as many as 4,000 shots in a day. Needless to say, he has worn out several Nikon digital cameras. Photography and art—particularly of botanicals are his passion.

Bird In Clouds
Butterfly on Echinacea
Cockatiel Begging For Attention
Dublin Ireland Cathedral from Scanned Velvia Slide
Eclectus Parrot
Great Blue Heron on Dock
Great Fountain Gyser At Yellowstone National Park
Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Feeding On Flower
Honey Bee Nectoring on Daisy
Koi Fish
GS_Louisiana Iris
Mexican Tillandsia
Osteospermum, African Daisy
Pink Plant
Red Periwinkle
Storm Clouds on Hwy 90
Sunset Of Makassar Sulawesi, Sulawesi Island, Indonesia Harbor
Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly In Early Morning
Tropical Water Lilly with Fleeing Honey Bee
Upper Falls Of Yellowstone River In June
WaterLilly Pair After The Rain
Water Lilly Yellow
White Heron Fishing In Lilly Pond At Hyatt Hotel In Bali, Indonesia
White Periwinkle After Rain
White Rose Of Sharon Flower
Young Bengal Tiger Swimming In Water, BR Zoo



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