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Metal Prints

Starting from $8.00

Your image is infused directly into a specially coated sheet of metal that allows your image to pop with vibrant color and crisp detail. All metal prints come with rounded corners.

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Metal Prints

You may have seen the ultra-vibrant metal prints in our showroom. We don’t want to leave you with the wrong impression. These aren’t “prints” at all, at least in the classic sense. They are more like the polaroid transfers of the past. Only they are hyper-detailed. First, we print a transfer sheet which is taped to a specially coated aluminum called Chromaluxe (the blank). We carefully tape the blank in place and heat the aluminum and transfer sheet to 400 degrees farenheit under pressure for about 90 seconds depending on the image. The results are stunning.

Our Metal Offering

• Metal images are available from business card size up to 3.4 feet by 5 feet (40” x 60”). We can print multi-panels to create display images larger than 40” x 60”.

• Metal blanks are available in HD Gloss (by far the most popular), white mat and natural aluminum. The natural aluminum is not recommended for photo accurate reproductions but goes very well in stacked arrangements and for special effects.

• We make “stacked” Metal pieces using a unique background on which the main image will be mounted.

• Normal turnaround is 4 business days. Express service is available.

What is Sublimation?

Dye sublimation is a digital print technology that allows the reproduction of full color images on a variety of surfaces. Dye sublimation on hard surfaces, such as ChromaLuxe, is possible because the surfaces have been coated using an innovative manufacturing process that provides high-definition, durable photo panels that preserve images for generations. Instead of printing images directly on a surface, which may scratch easily, the image is infused into the coating to provide permanent protection and durability.

Product Benefits

The vibrancy and dimensionality of ChromaLuxe products rival any photographic product and exceed the quality of traditional paper prints when placed behind inherently imperfect glass. ChromaLuxe photo panels have an extremely durable scratch resistant surface that is waterproof and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.

Fade Testing Results

Two independent, highly respected research and testing laboratories conducted environmental life tests on ChromaLuxe Photo Panels and clearly concluded that ChromaLuxe HD Metal Prints are the longest lasting photo medium in the current market.

The first laboratory's testing replicated the effects of incandescent lighting along with indirect natural sunlight against the likelihood of noticeable fading over time. The laboratory compared ChromaLuxe with the top three long-lasting (archival) photo papers. Test results showed that ChromaLuxe lasts twice as long as the highest-quality photo paper and four times longer than the third best photo paper.

The second independent laboratory replicated the effects of fluorescent lighting in a windowless office environment, in an effort to measure the likelihood of noticeable fading. ChromaLuxe outlasted its next closest competitor in quality by a factor of 1.7 times the life of their photo paper.

The high definition, vibrant colors coupled with superior fade, moisture, stain, & scratch resistant properties make ChromaLuxe an excellent choice for commercial fine art, and home decor applications.