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5x5 Fine Art Print
Your images are printed on your choice of our archival premium quality papers ensuring lasting results. Our easy editing tools allow you to crop, add text and imaging effects. Choose from a variety of layout border options to add that finishing touch to your image.

BARYTA prints have an almost glossy surface with a white base, this papers strong Dmax delivers rich B&W images and brilliant color.

GERMAN ETCHING prints have a slightly warm base, and a subtle watercolor like texture. Great for an antique look.

PHOTO RAG prints are a good overall choice. 100% cotton rag, bright white base, no texture.

Our 5x5 fine art prints include a 1/2 inch of extra paper around your chosen image size. This added paper gives you an edge to handle the print so you do not have to touch the actual printed image, and it is also useful when matting or signing one of your images.

Allow 4 business days for production.

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