Photo Restoration

We digitally restore damaged photographs. Cracks? Fading? Stains? Discoloration? No problem. We scan your original piece on a high resolution scanner so that we start with a really great file. From there we get to “pushing pixels”. Digital Photography Workstations allow us to fix images without working on the original work. Computer technology enables this service but the end result is dependent on the skill of the retoucher. We’re really good at it!

Your original and a corrected image file will be delivered returned to you on an archival CD disc. If you prefer to have your file placed on your own thumb drive, we can do that too.

If we can remove cracks, what else can we do? We can add or remove people and objects from photographs. Rehabilitate your family photos by having us remove your Ex! If you can think it and we have a reasonable original to start with, you’ll be amazed at what can be done.


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