Rickey Charles

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From an early age, Rickey Charles has always been intrigued with facial expressions and became very interested in painting people. As it was only natural for him, Rickey took to being an artist, and as a primarily self taught beginner, he began studies in fine painting under excellent leadership of renown artists. Rickey was blessed to know the late William Tollvier. Today, as an artist of African-American portraits, Charles’ style is supreme. He has become a loyalist to drawings which are inspired from his heritage and culture.

With his own style, Rickey Charles draws every detail that he can extract from a subject, because to him it’s a must that he includes parts of a subject that another artist might overlook. It’s those details that give a sense of a three dimensional reality to his paintings and captures the essence of what originally attracted him to the scene.

Rickey was born in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1963. With many masterpieces completed already in his lifetime, his love for art makes him crave even greater accomplishments, whether it’s a family portrait, a scene from the past or a vision from within.

After winning his first Junior Artist exhibition and meeting excellent artists such as Frank Frazier, Rickey Charles has grown to become a contemporary fine art genius.

Grandmother's Butterfly
Pitbull on Bourbon
One Man Band
Jazz Butterfly
Let the Good Time Roll
New Orleans Butterflies
Jazzy Jazz Green
Mardi Gras Butterflies
Jazz Brothers
Jazz All Night
Jazz Man II
Jazz Boy
Mocking Bird on Bourbon
Baltimore Oriel on Bourbon
Green Man Jazz
Blue Note Trombone
Day of Katrina
Old Time Jazz
Play That Blues



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