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Terms and Conditions of Lakeside Camera Center, Inc

Return Policy on Merchandise

Merchandise purchased at Lakeside Photoworks can be returned for a full refund within 15 days of purchase date. All returns must be in "new" condition.

100% Photofinishing Return/Satisfaction Policy

If you are not 100% pleased with photofinishing services provided by Lakeside Camera Photoworks, we will happily remake your order or refund your money, no questions asked.


The following shipping methods are available, Standard Ground (5–7 business days) or USPS mail. Business days do not include weekends and there is no weekend delivery for any shipping method. Some items cannot be shipped using Second Day or Next Day due to size, weight, hazardous materials and delivery address. These items will only have Standard Ground or pickup in store availability. Currently, we do not ship to U.S. Territories, APO/FPO or other international addresses. Please note that orders could arrive in multiple packages.

Copyright Policy


All images are copyrighted by someone, even ordinary family photos. It is our intention to comply with the copyright laws and protect the ownership rights of copyright holders. At times, the existence of a copyright claim or the identity of the copyright owner is not apparent. The person who possesses the photo is not always the copyright owner. The purpose of this policy is to provide a method for determining who is the copyright owner, and provide guidance on handling copy requests.

Our Policy in Handling Copyrighted Photos

It is Lakeside Photoworks' policy to make every effort possible to protect the rights of professional photographers. We will not accept clearly copyrighted work without the written permission of the photographer/creator. Photographers have the responsibility to identify and mark their photographs sufficiently to permit others to know whom to contact to obtain permission to copy. These marks would include, but are not limited to; photographer or studio name, studio logo, the actual copyright symbol or watermarked paper indicating “DO NOT COPY”. If there is no such notice or other indication that the image was taken by someone else, it may be copied.

To assist you in obtaining permission to copy a photograph we recommend you contact the Professional Photographers of Americas at 1-800-786-6277.

Authorized Exceptions

Copies can be authorized under the following circumstances if there are no other factors suggesting the law would be violated:

a. The customer has a written consent to copy or manipulate the order from the photographer or studio named in a copyright notice or other marking.

b. A prior agreement with the photographer giving a blanket consent for this customer to obtain copies in the future without further documentation.

c. Copying or restoring a photograph is permitted for the personal use of a customer in cases where the photographer or studio is unlikely to object to copying. Here are examples of reasons why a photographer would be unlikely to object; very old photograph, damaged print, or prints made by photographers not able to be located after a reasonable effort.

d. A claim of "fair use" may also permit the copying of a print. A “fair use” would include; education or research, the area of the photo being copied, the number of copies, the function of the copy, and impact of the copies on the photographer’s potential resale market.

e. Document the claim in writing with a description of a legitimate fair use. The copy or manipulation must be appropriate and limited to the fair use purpose which is claimed.

Appearance of Professional Photos

It is often difficult to determine whether a photo was taken by a professional. When a copy is requested, the overall appearance must be considered. The following are some factors to consider in concluding whether a photo is a professional photo:

a. The presence of a copyright notice, i.e., the copyright symbol, the word "copyright" and the name and year.
b. The name of a photographer or studio.
c. Use of paper with a professional watermark or notice.
d. Unusual marks or alterations to a photo to cover or eliminate the above markings.
e. Formal poses characteristic of a sitting.
f. Even distribution of lighting and the absence of natural shadows.
g. Use of background typical of professional photos.
h. The photo was published, such as in a textbook, magazine or newspaper.

According to FEDERAL COPYRIGHT LAW, reproduction rights to a photograph remain with the photographer. To insure compliance with this law Lakeside Photoworks will reproduce a photograph only with written consent from the copyright owner.

Photographs taken before 1979 bearing the copyright symbol (a C with a circle around it) cannot be copied without written consent of the copyright owner. Any photograph taken after 1979 bearing the copyright symbol or those photographs that appear to have been taken professionally should never be copied without written consent of the copyright owner. We use careful judgment when accepting all original prints, slides or artwork for any type of copy work. You may be asked to obtain or sign a copyright release from the copyright owner before Lakeside Photoworks will accept an order for reproduction.

Sexually Explicit Images

We have a legal obligation to report sexually explicit images involving minors to the proper authority.

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