Video Services

Lakeside Camera Photoworks has a full on video department capable of executing almost any video project. From preserving home videos to producing corporate presentation videos, we’ve got the capability to execute right here in Fat City.

- Film and video tape transfers to DVD or digital files. The time to preserve older video formats is right now! Both film and video tape degrade over time. Both of the mediums are at serious risk of degrading beyond anyone’s ability to preserve the footage.

- SLIDESHOWS! We’ve just about perfected the art of slide show creation. We’ve been at it for a long time. Just bring us your originals and we’ll work with you to get your video or slide show perfect for the occasion.

- We can perform most video tape repairs. Not all but most so check with us. We cannot restore footage that is lost to age and deterioration. Once its gone, its gone.

-While we don’t have an enhancing machine like on the CES crime shows (fantasy), we have been called on to grab stills from videos and work on videos for court cases. Can we enhance what you have? Maybe. It depends upon the state of the original.

We are a virtual video Swiss army knife including expert digital video editing. Call 504-885-8660 to discuss your project. We stand at the ready.


(504) 885-8660